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Looking for a creative friend....

Name: Ali

Age: 17

Location: Ontario, Canada

Address: Comment and I will tell you.

What are your major interests? What do you love? What do you hate?
I love dancing, I take classes in all sorts of dance. I also really enjoy music from all different cultures, in different languages. I love reading and writing, I write all sorts things random poems, sort plays, stories, fanfictions. Overall I really enjoy learning, in anyway about everything. I find enriching your mind really helps you to grow as a person and being 17 it is really a time for growth in my life.

What do I hate?
I can't say I really hate anything. Pretentious people, who talk about themselves all the time and don't even care to listen to one thing you say. They make me laugh at the end of the day, but they really get on my nerves. I don't like slow walking people. I also really dislike fake people. But other then that I can't think of anything else at the moment.

What kind of creative things would you want to send to your penpal or receive from them? I think it would be really fun to write to each other, as in snail mail. Just send a tone of random things along with letters that we've made or found. Something that meant something to use in a stage of our lives but we're ready to let it go. Anything, just anything, creative random things that make you smile. Or on some days make you cry, I don't know. Whatever really.

How many penpals do you want? I'm not sure not too many.

Is it okay for your penpal to post pictures or excerpts of things receive from you to share with the community? I'm not sure it depends what it is. Probably not.

Any other information you want to share? I'd love to meet people from all over the world, but with snail mail that might be a bit too expensive to said. In that case we could use email. I'd like to have penpals around my age or slightly older. I think I'd rather them be slightly older, so from 17- mid twenties. I can't think of anything else, if you would like to know anything just ask. I'm a every open person and am here to make friends, learn and grow. 

I'm feeling serene I didn't see that listed in emotions so I wrote it here.

Name: Liana, or just Lilly
Age: 30
Birthday: June 28th
Gender: Female
Location: East Coast, US of A

Religion: none really but I like studying Religions
Language: English, German (as my native one), started to learn Russian, but not fluent at all
Interests: Letters, Fantasy, Books, Crafting, Flowers, Internet, PC Games (mostly Fantasy based MMO's such as Aion)
Music: take a peek here:

Movies: well, i mostly don't watch TV which includes movies, unless it's one that could really touch my heart. The last movie I watched was called "Stalker" by a Russian director, who also made the original Solaris-movie. I did enjoy Pi, The Perfume, Lost Highway,.. well mostly movies that are not Hollywood-based, often drama-ish but not in the classical "love/heartbreak" style.
Books: oooh Fantasy (just finished a book called "Beauty" which I can only recommend to read), Science Fiction, and then also books that give me some knowledge of the world (Psychology, History, Literature studies)
TV: like I said, I don't really watch TV but if i stumble upon something, it has to do with discoveries, often the BBC ones, since they are just amazing :D

Handwrite/Typing: I do handwrite since i have a ton of stationary lol
Length of Letters: Oh that depends on what i have to say, but I tend to write 2-3 pages minimum, depending of the size of the paper (and with 2-3 pages I do not mean little sheets of sanrio paper, I am talking about real stationary ^^)
Sending Gifts: That depends on what I am working on craftwise, but if there is something that I liek to share, I will send it to my friends.
Time till Response: the longest would be a week, but it depends if I travel or not, but if I travel, I normally bring writing stuff with me.
Age of Penpal: somewhere around my age would be nice, but of course I can't expect that, since I am not a person that thinks about age that much. It depends if you are mature, but also kind and funny. So the real question actually would be, what kind of people do I look for ;)
Male/Female: I tend to have female penpals, but I do like males as well. I might add, I am not looking for a Romance.
Where Do You Want Them To Be From?: anywhere, even avalon ;)
How Long Have You Been Penpaling?: oh since like I was 8 or 9.
How Many Do You Want?: just a few, maybe 2-3, maybe 5. I am not looking for quantity but rather quality
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal?: well as I mentioned earlier, I would love to find a mature friend, maybe someone around my age, but not a must. I would like to talk about books, crafts and philosophy besides daily things, so if you are interested in those topics, that would be great!

So, if this sounds good email me, I don't bite :)

Hello All!

Name: Emily
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Occupation: Photography student, Waitress
Languages Spoken: English

Well, I am an ex-Creative Writing, ex-Film, now Photography major at a state University. I am extremely artistic and “craftsy.” I love making things, and making them beautiful. I have a bohemian style and love everything vintage, earthy, and peaceful. Haha! I love traveling and foreign countries; next on the list is Australia and Scottland. I am very open-minded, free spirited, and love to express myself creatively. But most of all I am easy to talk to and love getting to know people!

Hobbies/Interests: Photography, book arts, journaling, printmaking, collage, painting, colorguard (good colorguard), modern/contemporary dance, travel, riding my bike, writing, watching films, swimming, keeping notes, thrift shopping, fashion, vintage jewelry, candles and incense, videogames, MLG (look it up), theme parks, hiking, sleeping, philosophy, comic books, garage sales, and film festivals.

Music: Oh gosh.. Folk, Alt, Indie, Bluegrass : Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Avett Brothers, MGMT, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, The Tallest Man On Earth, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Damien Rice, Iron and Wine, The New Pornographers, Hey Rosetta! Passion Pit, Said The Whale, Senses Fail, Sigur Ros, Boys Like Girls, Spoon, The Weepies,

Books: Harry Potter, Rant, Youth in Revolt, anything by Deb Caletti and Sarah Dessen, Water for Elephants, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Mostly YA Fiction, Fiction, and Historical Fiction.

TV: Americas Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, Glee, House, Tudors, and basically everything on Disc., Food Network, and Animal Planet.

Film: Cashback, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Sherlock Holmes, Series of Unfortunate Events, Holes, Ironman, Georgia Rule, Amelie, Charlie Bartlett, Everything is Illuminated, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Marie Antoinette. And so on..

Looking For: Active penpal/s, someone with a few things in common would be nice, someone who is crafty and doesn’t just want to send letters. Someone who enjoys sending artistic and well though out packages, art, books, mixtapes, and other items.

Preferred Age: Any reall but somewhere between 19 – 25
Preferred Gender: Either

My email is Emilyroman4@gmail.com feel free to contact me.
I would love to see something like this in return so that I can really know who I am writing to!

Update from your Moderator

Well, here I am....

Sorry to those who actually use this group. I've been away for a super-long time due to personal reasons. I just peeked in to find the group overridden with spam. It's horribly, really.

As of now, I've closed membership to the group.

This will not effect you if you are already a member. However, in order to make cleaning up the spam manageable and to ban the spammers this is what I have to do.

Second, I am in need of a new moderator that has some free time to take over the group.
If this interests you, please pm me here on livejournal and let me know a little about yourself. Once I clean up the spam and get a new mod, I'll let everyone know.

Third, if I can't find a new mod or you lovely members don't let me know you are actually using the group, I will have to close it up.
So please let me know if you do and I'll try my very best to keep it up and running. 


+ Random information people seem to like  knowing :

Fav movies : My girl, imagine me and you, beetlejuice (anything burton really he is a creative god!) Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, amelie, Little women, Pride and prejudice, Mr Magorium's magical imporium, Last holiday, the holiday, Mona lisa smile, virgin suicides, Vleugels, .... a lot of mixed genres but I am not into horror!

Fav tv shows : Dawsons creek, sex and the city, bones, House, ER, 8 simple rules, different strokes, full house, Friends, Men in trees, Queer as folk, the L word, Miami ink, ... a lot more

Fav books : Lost souls, the perks of being a wallflower, Frankenstein, Canterburry ghost, The vampire Lestat, Harry Potter books, the catcher in the rye, kijk mama ik dans, lieve timo, lollipops and lingery, Cardboard boxes, boy meets boy, everal biographies, filosophy books and psychology books. Recipy books, crafting books ;)....

Fav music : I like a lot of Dutch bands and singers a lot of old songs as well like Mira, Guido belcanto, Lais, bram vermeulen.... but also known bands and musicians, lady gaga , mika, killspector, breaking benjamin, kings of leon, 90's mix cd's, tom waits, ... as you can see it varies a lot!

+ willing to make ONE exception on the europe rule if you think we would totaly hit it off then I might consider a US penpal as well !



User name: pastranasgirl
Name: Brandi
Age: 22
State/Province, Country: Seattle, WA, USA

Address (email address if not comfortable sharing with everyone): I would like to release this information to those interested in postcard exchanges.

What are your major interests? What do you love? What do you hate? I love dogs, outdoor activities, music, art, writing, crafts, food, travel, parties, adventures, etc. I'm very outgoing. I only dislike close-minded people, and I try to be as accepting as possible

What kind of creative things would you want to send to your penpal? I love to make postcards, and receive postcards. Long letters are great, if we really have something deep to talk about, but I would like to focus on postcards. =]

What kind of creative things would you want to receive from your penpal? Poetry, pictures, postcards, letters, drawings, etc.

How many penpals do you want? Any amount for postcard penpals, but probably only one letter penpal.

Any other information you want to share (A little background info on who you are,what you are looking for in a creative penpal, what are your favourite books, tv shows, movies, etc.): Um, I am Vegan, but not pushy. A lot of people assume I will be, but I'm really quite friendly.

Is it okay for your penpal to post pictures or excerpts of things they receive from you to share with the community? Of course, I plan on doing the same. I am a picture slut, lol.

Calling all aliens...


Theresa/Theresita.. whatever you wanna call me!
23, Pisces.
total chick...
San Francisco, CA USA

Family Guy,
Strangers with Candy
Meaningful Conversations
Alt. Lifestyles
Body Modification
Reading obnoxiously long books
Blank Canvases
Cosmetics and Nail Polish
Writing until the ink runs out
The Beach
Infecting one mind at a time


Social Distortion
The Killers
Newfound Glory
Marilyn Manson
Sex Pistols
The Doors
Janis Joplin
Alanis Morissette
Aaron Rise
Motley Crue


Creative minds
People who have something to say
Someone to swap small packages now and then
A long-term pen relationship
Ages 18 and older
Boi or Grrl

E:MAIL: Bellatrix.Is.In@gmail.com

You know the drill..

Nov. 1st, 2009

Hey Everyone :)

Im Suzanne, Im 24 years old, will be turning 25 on 19th November.

I have a gorgeous son who will be 3 in February, and a long term boyfriend who is the father of my son

Im a qualified beauty therapist and nail technician, but im currently unemployed.

Im here looking for penpals, i dont really mind what age, but would like to have a few things in common.

Id love to have a panpal who i can exchange packages with, i love sending, gifts, sweets, food, make-up etc.

Im super interested in DECO, Japan, nails/nail art, make-up, hello kitty and love anything girly, i love to recieve cute letters, and love to send them!!

I would love to make a true friend out of my penpal and maybe even one day visit you.

If anyone is interested in becoming my penpal, please message me sdj1911@yahoo.co.uk

Oh Hai =D

User name: roxificus
Name: Roxie
Age: 20
State/Province, Country:
NSW, Australia

Address (email address if not comfortable sharing with everyone):

What are your major interests? What do you love? What do you hate?
music - making, listening, learning, it's all good! reading, writing, making and reading zines, i LOVE the waffles my boyfriend just made me, letters, art...I'd rather tell you everything in a letter to be honest!

What kind of creative things would you want to send to your penpal?
journals, drawings, cd's, pictures, newspaper clippings, secrets, poems, stories, books even, recipes, sparkly things, guitar pics, toys, paintings, my kitten's pawprint in ink, other stuff i havent thought of yet :D

What kind of creative things would you want to receive from your penpal?
anything they want to send!!

How many penpals do you want?
as many as there are that will have me :)

Any other information you want to share (A little background info on who you are,what you are looking for in a creative penpal, what are your favourite books, tv shows, movies, etc.):
I'd rather be able to tell you about myself, i just feel like anything I say on here wouldn't cover it cuz i'm trying to be short and sweet haha. but I'm looking for a best friend that I can recognise from handwriting on an envelope =D

Is it okay for your penpal to post pictures or excerpts of things they receive from you to share with the community?
most definitely!!!
My name is Courtney, im from st louis missouri. I will be 23 on the 21st of this month.

man i feel like im writing an about me on myspace lol

i have a four year old son, many failed relationshits. i dropped out of high school and i am going back to school in jan. blahblah

i lived a very sheltered life unknowingly, my parents never sheltered me, i just didnt experience all th ethings i would have liked. i didnt even leave the state till i was18 years old.  so now i want to know different parts of the world. i want
to learn about different cultures and people and make new friends. i want to be penpals with someone who will occasionally send me a package and ill do the same. i just want to send someone something to make them smile

so if this sounds like fun to you, send me a comment or a message, im down for either!


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