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Name: kim
Age: 33
Date Of Birth: aug. 1, 1977
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Leo.Pisces moon
Religion: not religious
Location: Seattle,WA
Occupation: poet/recording artist/magazine editor and interviewer.
Languages Spoken: English
Tattoos/Piercings: Peircings: used to have 11 in my face,But got tired of them..Might get nose or lippy done again.

About Me: Well, I am an interesting,sensitive chick in Seattle,a bit goofy and neurotic loner type published two volumes of poetry and recorded an album with a band from Ireland.I also interview rad people for a art/lit. magazine.im very honest,raw,deep but also child-like and silly.I laugh a lot and loudly.I'm pretty indie/boho/type I guess and I dont use capitols or punctuation much.I drink too much caffeine and smoke too much.I'm super open minded and never judge anyone.even though i call myself a poet im NOT pretentious.

Hobbies/Interests: writing,reading,acting, photography,movies,second life,journaling,penpals,sleeping a lot,hair dye and make up,live gigs,recording vocals,tea&coffee,mental health,visual art,netflix,film making,making magnets,handbags and shirts.

Music: Britpop.U.K and french indie rock,Glam,shoe gaze,60's counter culture,90's grunge,new wave...Pulp,suede,the raveonettes,placebo,libertines,the jesus and mary chain,Hole,blur,the national,luna,Jarvis cocker,the killers,T-rex,david bowie,the dandy warhols,charlatans U.K,bernard butler,graham coxon,florence and the machine,alice in chains,dinosaur JR.I AM X,JJ72,velvet underground,the doors,Lou reed,manic street preachers,the verve.

Books: Harry Potter, Prozac nation,more now again,shes come undone,to kill a mocking bird,lolita,twilight(before the movies),sookie stackhouse series,mostly dark memoirs,fiction or random used books by unknown authors,also i love French and beat poets, Ginsberg,jim carroll, Verlaine, Rimbaud

TV: the mighty boosh,true blood,dexter,united states of tara,80's sitcoms,skins

Film: velvet goldmine,requiem for a dream,heavenly creatures,trainspotting,dancer in the dark,(loads of Horror,indie and tragic drama films)

Looking For: Active penpal/s, someone who rights regularly and has stuff in common with me and is fun!

Preferred Age: any over 18
Preferred Gender: Either

Where Should They Be From: anywhere im open but preferably not in Washington cos we could just meet instead!
How Long Have You Been Writing To Pen Pals: a few months and loving it!
Snail Mail/Email: Snail Mail preferred.
Letter Length: I usually write 2-3 of just writing but I sometimes send lil small surprises

Handwrite/Type: I handwrite, all i ask is that i can read your writing

How Long For A Reply: a week more only if i ran outta stamps and got get paid to get more:)

My email is truepulp@gmail.com feel free to contact me.
I would love to see something like this in return so that I can really know who I am writing to!


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May. 5th, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
I love your intro, you seem really interesting and I would like to write to you if your still looking for penpals.
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Your creativity intrigues me.

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