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queer email group

xHey guys!

There's a new email group looking for members. If you want more information about what that means or you would like to join us. We're looking for anyone who engages or would like to engage in any kind of alternative lifestyle, of any age or gender. If you're gay, straight, lesbian, polyamourous, asexual, into BDSM, come say hi. We're super friendly and love to chat. 

Comment here or email creatorcate@gmail.com or katpenpals@gmail.com


Sex: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: Aug. 5th 1987
Zodiac Sign: Leo, rawr.
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Ethnicity: Native, English, French Canadian.
Job: Housekeeper at a Hilton hotel.

About Me: I'm 24 and I work full time at a job that drives me absolutely nuts, I'm pretty easy going and like all kinds of stuff, My family is a mix between Native & English on one side, and french on the other, I'm very into Native American/First Nations rights and culture, I tend to make that known. I love going to pow wow's in the summer, I also love camping when I can and going for road trips as well, I have a cat Emery that's my baby and two dogs Koa and Indy, I love watching and playing hockey and soccer, I love making cool journals full of paintings, drawings, quotes, magazine clippings, tattoo art and so on. I also love tattoos and have three at the moment and a lot more planned. I love swimming and being outdoors, I love trying new foods and stuff like that. I love penpaling, i've had two for about 3 years but at this point i haven't heard from either of them in months so i need someone new to penpal with! I love kawaii and have a huge collection that's sitting around waiting to be used. My letters are always a couple pages long and are always cute =D .

Main Interests: Reading, writing stories, creative journaling, other cultures and traditions, cooking, hockey, soccer (or football lol) History, traveling, I have a sick obsession with fresh Kicks and the colour purple. I love Animals as well. Tumblr is one of my favorite websites.

Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Def Leppard. Guns n Roses, Taylor Swift, Down with Webster, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil wayne, Joan Jett, Rihanna, David Guetta, Tiesto, Robyn, Kelis, Madonna, Whitney Houston. Boyz2men, Foxy brown, Jay-z, Lady Antebellem, I love alot of different music and artist, chances are I'll like someone you like. I listen to so many different genre's...pop, rap, hip hop, reggea, dancehall, country, rock, 70's,80's and 90's, bollywood and i absolutely adore native american / first nations pow wow music.

Favorite Books: Right now I'm reading 'Che' the biography of Che Guevera. Before that I read 'Infidel' by Ayan Hersi Ali.

Favorite Movie: The Godfather, Scarface, The Boondock Saints, Underworld series, Black Cloud, Dances with Wolves (any movie with heavy native american /first nations influence or plot lines) Gia, The Bodyguard, The Tourist, Friday & Friday after next. The Dark Knight, Fast and the Furious series, Tristan & Isolde, Slumdog Millionair, Taken, The Hangover.

Favorite T.V. Show: Sons of Anarchy (if you love this show, you're the penpal for me!) Boardwalk Empire, Entourage, Jersey shore (because it really is a train wreck) Iron Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Rizzoli & Isles, Anything on a&e. & Spartacus and Hawaii 5 0

Specifically Seeking: someone with at least 80% of the same stuff in common so we have stuff to talk about.
What sex do you want them to be?: Female I suppose..
What race do you want them to be?: Really doesn't matter
Where do you want them to be from?: Ovver seas would be nice, although anywhere is fine.
What age do you want them to be?: 18 and up.

So If i sound at all interesting, leave me a msg here or send one to my inbox, i welcome new LJ friends as well! Also PLEASE PLEASE leave a link to your penpal application so i can see what you're all about.


Name: Sparrow (not my real name obviously.)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: California, USA
Language: English
Contact: please message me or comment! I reply ASAP.
Music: Hm. Tough one. I listen to a mix of things, some quite embarrassing. I'm just going to list off some artists that I have on my BlackBerry (iPod went missing!): 3OH!3, Sarah Bettens, Breathe Carolina, Buffalo Springfield, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Dev, Ke$ha, La Roux, GaGa, Little Boots, Mazzy Star, MGMT, Nicki Minaj, Pixie Lott, Tech N9ne, The Cataracts....errrr, yeah.

About: Well, I'm kind of an awkward mess at times. An organized chaos if you will. I'm six feet tall, tattooed, and very uncoordinated. I'm a walking pharmacy due to several psych disorders, but honestly, going through my life like I have has made me a better person and my issues just make me a bit more quirky! I love to be creative and I love to write long letters and really connect with people. I love long drives, sitting down for a good episode of a crime drama, getting coffee, using my typewriters, collecting, playing with my tortoise (yes, playing with him. He lives in my bedroom.), and finding new things to do. I love stationary and anything to do with mail! I also must admit, I adore Hello Kitty and anything cute and/or Japanese! I'm an odd one, that's for sure, but I'm a good person! Also, I enjoy sending little things in my letters. :)

Pen Pal Information:
How many penpals do you have? A few, but I want a couple that aren't just in it to get mail. Does that make sense? People who want real friends.
How many penpals do you want? Quite a few.
E-Mail or Snail Mail? SNAIL!
How long are your letters? Pages!
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? I usually reply in a week or less unless something happens money-wise randomly.
Handwritten or typed? Handwritten or sometimes types on my typewriter!
Gender Preference? Female, please.
Age preference? My age or so, give or take. I'm really not opposed to anything.


I just wanted to let you all know that I am now making address labels!

Here is one simple example! I make them using a photo program and can do any theme, any color, any characters, and any text!

Newbie penpal.

Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Birthday: 14th January, which makes me a capricorn.
Gender: Female
Orientation: bisexual.
Location: Crawley, West Sussex (Near London and Brighton).
Occupation: Youth worker.
Languages Spoken: English and broken German
Relationship status: Long Term Relationship

Interests: Cooking / Baking, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, Watching films, True Crime, Cats, Rabbits, Fashion, Make up, Lazing around, Hanging out at the beach, shopping.

Music: I like all types of music, some of my fave bands are: Kate Nash, Adele, Machine head, slipknot, bring me the horizon, Architects, Parkway Drive, Rhianna, Avril Lavigne, No doubt, Garbage, Pink, Katy perry, linkin park, rob zombie etc.

Movies: I like quite a lot, I am interested in old films / westerns as my partner loves watching them at his family. i also love all horror / gore/ serial killer typre films, romance, chick flicks. I would be here all day writing so I give you my fave 10: 10 things I hate about you, the ugly truth, it's complicated, the strangers, Harry potter films (I can cheat :P), cemetary junction, pulp fiction, Monster, House of 1000 corpse and juno.

TV: I am obsessed with tv shows, I love Grey's anatomy, family guy, american dad, secret diary of a call girl, bob's burgers, gossip girl, house, Dexter, the OC, one tree hill, gilmore girls etc.

Reading: I love reading, I own about 100 books of different genre. I enjoy reading true crime / serial killers, chick lit, classics and finding new authors. Some of my fave authors are richard laymon, stephan king, Cecilia Ahern, Marian keyes etc.
Pen Pal Info
How many penpals do you have? None
How many do you want? 5
Do you want email pals? No thank you.
Do you want snail-mail penpals? Yes.
How long are your letters? I usually write quite long letters in the past.
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? I will usually write a reply as soon as I read the incoming letter.
Would you like your penpal to be male or female? Female
Age: late teens early 20's.
What are you looking for in a pen pal? I'm looking for someone who has similar interests, not all the same as I like learning new things for people. I would also like them to maybe do package swaps every now and then.
Where would you like them to be from? It doesn't matter, I would like them to be in the USA, Austriliara and Europe.

I also do not mind writing first.


Name: Mia
Age: 21
Location: Cambridge, MA

feminism, garage sales, photography, thrift stores, reading, traveling, stationary, singing, gay rights, concerts, riot grrrl, punk, psychology, painting, collage, altered books, poetry, printmaking, architecture, cats, late night conversations where you completely forget the time.
Favourite books: Anything by Jennifer Egan or Augusten Burroughs, The Savage Girl by Alex Shakar, Astonishing Splashes of Colour by Clare Morrall, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War by Deborah Copaken Kogan, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Wierd Like Us: My Bohemian America by Ann Powers.  
Favourite films: Ghost World, Trainspotting, Amelie, Little Miss Sunshine, The Invisible Circus, Slumdog Millionaire, The Royal Tenenbaums, Eagle Vs. Shark, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Men Who Stare at Goats, But I'm a Cheerleader, Beautiful Losers, Mic Macs, Paris, Je t'aime.
Favourite music:
Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, Pretty Girls Make Graves, the Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer, Epoxies, Bratmobile, Stereo Total, Postal Service, Magnetic Fields, Cat Power, The Decemberists, Belle and Sebastian, The Shins, Tilly and the Wall, Bikini Kill, Crass, Noisettes, Metric, The Slits, Tegan and Sara, Long Blondes, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes, Kimya Dawson, CSS, Jens Lekman, Kate Nash, Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beirut, Beulah, The Gossip, Los Campesinos!, Mirah, Sia, The XX, Coco Rosie, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, The Pica Beats, Gogol Bordello, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Ani DiFranco, Des Ark, Emilyn Brodsky, Jason Webley, St. Vincent.
What would you like to send/receive? Long letters, handmade envelopes, mix CDs, stationary and art.
Who would you like to send and receive mail from? Anyone. But definitely snail mail rather than e-mail.
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to? I’d love to write to people in different countries, but the US is fine as well.
Anything else you'd like to add? I'm an art therapy major, minoring in women's studies. I have one more semester of college, which is insane. I'm a perfectionist, and I care a lot about my studies.  I don't really feel bound by any one location. I could see myself living in many places. I appear quiet and shy if you don't know me, but I'm really not.  I'm introverted, observant and logical. I love curiosity. I often enjoy solitude. I've been through a lot with my family, and am very independent. Sometimes I might take a while to write back, because I get busy with school. But I’ll always write back. I feel most drawn to other outsiders and artists. I've been writing to pen pals since I was 15, and I can't imagine a life where I didn't look forward to letters in the mailbox.
Nothing is as exciting as mail love.
Hey everyone! I have just opened a new community for trading stationary, stickers, stamps, stampers/pens/pencils, envelopes, and other items related to the art of the hand written letter! If you like to write snail mail, or collect stamps or stickers, then feel free to join up at paper_trades  I look forward to seeing you ther
Name: kim
Age: 33
Date Of Birth: aug. 1, 1977
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Leo.Pisces moon
Religion: not religious
Location: Seattle,WA
Occupation: poet/recording artist/magazine editor and interviewer.
Languages Spoken: English
Tattoos/Piercings: Peircings: used to have 11 in my face,But got tired of them..Might get nose or lippy done again.

About Me: Well, I am an interesting,sensitive chick in Seattle,a bit goofy and neurotic loner type published two volumes of poetry and recorded an album with a band from Ireland.I also interview rad people for a art/lit. magazine.im very honest,raw,deep but also child-like and silly.I laugh a lot and loudly.I'm pretty indie/boho/type I guess and I dont use capitols or punctuation much.I drink too much caffeine and smoke too much.I'm super open minded and never judge anyone.even though i call myself a poet im NOT pretentious.

Hobbies/Interests: writing,reading,acting, photography,movies,second life,journaling,penpals,sleeping a lot,hair dye and make up,live gigs,recording vocals,tea&coffee,mental health,visual art,netflix,film making,making magnets,handbags and shirts.

Music: Britpop.U.K and french indie rock,Glam,shoe gaze,60's counter culture,90's grunge,new wave...Pulp,suede,the raveonettes,placebo,libertines,the jesus and mary chain,Hole,blur,the national,luna,Jarvis cocker,the killers,T-rex,david bowie,the dandy warhols,charlatans U.K,bernard butler,graham coxon,florence and the machine,alice in chains,dinosaur JR.I AM X,JJ72,velvet underground,the doors,Lou reed,manic street preachers,the verve.

Books: Harry Potter, Prozac nation,more now again,shes come undone,to kill a mocking bird,lolita,twilight(before the movies),sookie stackhouse series,mostly dark memoirs,fiction or random used books by unknown authors,also i love French and beat poets, Ginsberg,jim carroll, Verlaine, Rimbaud

TV: the mighty boosh,true blood,dexter,united states of tara,80's sitcoms,skins

Film: velvet goldmine,requiem for a dream,heavenly creatures,trainspotting,dancer in the dark,(loads of Horror,indie and tragic drama films)

Looking For: Active penpal/s, someone who rights regularly and has stuff in common with me and is fun!

Preferred Age: any over 18
Preferred Gender: Either

Where Should They Be From: anywhere im open but preferably not in Washington cos we could just meet instead!
How Long Have You Been Writing To Pen Pals: a few months and loving it!
Snail Mail/Email: Snail Mail preferred.
Letter Length: I usually write 2-3 of just writing but I sometimes send lil small surprises

Handwrite/Type: I handwrite, all i ask is that i can read your writing

How Long For A Reply: a week more only if i ran outta stamps and got get paid to get more:)

My email is truepulp@gmail.com feel free to contact me.
I would love to see something like this in return so that I can really know who I am writing to!

Kawaii Sale! CHEAP.

ALL MUST GO! I have to clean my kawaii out!  PRICES LOWERED!

Includes plushies and bentos! Imported phone charms from Japan!

Name: Ashley
Age: 21
State/Province, Country: Miami, FL
Address (email address if not comfortable sharing with everyone): Not now. :P
What are your major interests? What do you love? What do you hate?
Love: I love makeup, movies, tv shows, books, plays, musicals, magazines, cooking, baking, eyeshadow, glitter, nail polish, bike riding, horror movies, tattoos, fashion, shoes, more makeup, seafood, sweet tea, lip gloss, pasta, picnics, and lots of other stuff.

And I don't "hate" anything. Life can suck at times, but it gets better.
What kind of creative things would you want to send to your penpal? Pictures, recipes, collages, stickers.
What kind of creative things would you want to receive from your penpal? Anything! :D
How many penpals do you want? About 2. Maaaaybe 3.
Any other information you want to share (A little background info on who you are,what you are looking for in a creative penpal, what are your favourite books, tv shows, movies, etc.): I'm a waitress at a sports bar, I'm in a complicated relationship so I might talk about that a bit, I'm a foodie and aspiring makeup artist, I'm just starting to be a youtube makeup guru, I'm a movie nerd so I'd love to talk movies with someone. Or food. I looove talking food. Lalalalalala....
Is it okay for your penpal to post pictures or excerpts of things they receive from you to share with the community? I'll mark anything personal, so I suppose the answer is yes.


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